Following are a few frequently asked questions about the Auvela Skin Care System:

What are Ceramides?

  • Ceramides are waxy lipids present in the body. They are responsible for keeping the cells together.

What are Phytoceramides?

  • Phytoceramides are the form of ceramides derived from plant sources. These sources may include rice and wheat.

How many capsules does a bottle of Auvela Phytoceramides contain?

  • 60 capsules

Is Auvela Suitable for Men?

  • The Auvela Skin Care System can be used by men also. The formula has been designed to be effective for men’s skin as well. It has the ability to penetrate into the rough and tough male skin.

Where can I buy Auvela products from?

  • It is recommended that you buy these kind of products from a reliable source, and the best source is directly from the manufacturer. So, the best place to buy Auvela is from their website. All you have to do is go to our prices and offers page and select the desired package! You will be redirected straight to Auvela.

How long until your order arrives?

  • Usually it takes between 7 and 21 days, depending on your country’s customs office and handling.

Are there any Harmful Chemicals in Auvela?

  • Most of the ingredients present in Auvela skin care system are natural. However, you must read the entire ingredient information on the labels before using it in order to avoid any negative reaction to one of them.

Is Auvela Safe for Sensitive Skin?

  • If you have known sensitivity to certain products or ingredients, you must proceed safely before using Auvela. Consult your skin specialist and discuss if the Auvela skin care system may be harmful to your sensitive skin in any way.

How to Use Auvela?

  • To determine the correct usage of the Auvela skin care system, please carefully follow the instructions mentioned on the label.